Difference Between Ambulance Services 102 and 108

Ambulance Service in Sector 73 Mohali Today, ambulances are a necessary component of our daily lives. They emerge as a blessing to humanity in times of need and revive hope. We all witnessed how crucial ambulances were in saving many lives at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is now clear that as development occurs, they will always be in demand. Emergency situations have suddenly increased in frequency in recent years. In this situation, it is crucial to seek immediate assistance when necessary. Ambulance services can be reached at two different emergency numbers (102 & 108) People now naturally wonder what the distinction between the 102 and 108 ambulance services is. What significance does 108 have?

The Emergence of 108

The purpose of dial 108 was to connect all three of the main emergency services at once. People in an emergency may find it confusing that there are separate phone numbers for the police, fire, and ambulance services—100, 101, and 102, respectively. Since the introduction of 108 in 2005, people have found it easier to remember a single number that unifies all emergency services. In 18 states and 2 union territories, there is an ongoing partnership between the government and private organizations. After gathering the required data, it acts as a middleman and connects the caller with the relevant department. The patient is taken to the closest government hospital with the aid of government hospitals and private ambulance aggregators like Mohali Ambulance Service. Thanks to the dial-108 service, calling for emergency services is no longer problematic. To contact all emergency services at one desk, one only needs to remember one number, so there is no need to look up various numbers.

What Sets the 102 and 108 Ambulance Services Apart?

While the 102 is a free ambulance service for expectant mothers and newborns, the 108 is an emergency medical response ambulance service. When dealing with both emergency and non-emergency situations, both services complement one another. While transferring or transporting patients who are in critical condition, 108 has more fully equipped ambulances that concentrate on the emergency situation. However, 102 ambulance services are dedicated to transporting expectant mothers and newborns to the closest medical centers. People frequently mistakenly believe that because these services operate in the same industry and are in direct competition with one another. Managing the medical emergency services in a country with such a large population as India is not everyone’s cup of tea. Dial-108 and Dial-102 complement one another in this way. The call can be transferred to 102 if 108 receives a call requesting the transport of a pregnant woman who is not in an emergency situation.


Overall, the primary distinction between 102 and 108 ambulance services is the scope of their duties. They connect the caller to either 102 or 108 ambulance services depending on the patient’s condition. Ambulance Service in Sector 73 Mohali has come up with instant and concrete solutions for emergency situations with the finest ambulances and world-class service. Ambulances are a blessing to humanity because they support us during many medical emergencies and disasters. Because Mohali Ambulance Services recognizes the importance of ambulances in daily life, we work to ensure that every regular person has access to the service without concern for the cost. We have provided our services throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic, and AmbiPalm is proud to say that we are working quickly to save lives.