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Free transport services are provided in the district to any patient in the emergency, pregnant women, victims of the road side misfortune, post natal cases, and freedom fighters. The objective of 24*7 emergencies plan is to provide the pre-hospitalization care and transport to the patients in the urgency, and to add to the institutional delivery by transporting the pregnant women to health facilities and to tertiary care health facilities and back-home services in the districts.
Ambulance Service in Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali


When arranging a medical flight for a loved one in a compromised medical condition, consider the commercial stretcher service from the Ambulance services Fortis Mohali. Whilst this service is only allowed in the limited state of affairs by a small number of airlines, it can be suitable for certain patients. It involves retrofitting a normal commercial plane with a stretcher, permitting a patient with the stern medical requirements to take a commercial flight to another destination. This service can be more lucrative than a bed-to-bed private Air Ambulance service.


There are many exceptional features that distinguish ambulance services fortis Mohali from the other ambulance service providers in the country. We only consider in the quality services and only wish to win the faith of the users. We really believe that the faith and the satisfaction of the customers are our real earnings.

Ambulance Service in Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali


Our ground ambulance service comprises of air conditioned small-size vans and the full-size vans with all the necessary life support apparatus and medication. It includes cardiac monitors, pulseoximeters, multi parameter monitors, defibmonitors, ventilators, suction mechanism, nebulisers, pacesetter, bipap, oxygen and emergency medicines.